About iWORCS

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iWORCS is a collaboration tool that enables councils, utilities, government agencies and private companies to cooperate in the scheduling of infrastructure works. 

Community anger, traffic congestion, safety issues and loss of revenue for local businesses are often the by-products of traditional scheduling practices.

iWORCS offers a simple, best practice approach to capital works management. It puts the community first, while delivering significant time and cost savings. The system has been initiated by the Streets Opening Coordination Council (SOCC).

Key Benefits

• Reduced disruption to local communities can lead to improved community reputation 
• Reduced duplication of remediation efforts
• Reduce the overall cost of road works
• Minimise disruption to road users
• Better quality roads 
• Reduced impact of road works on the lifecycle of the road network

How does it work?

Built on a scalable cloud platform with intelligent mapping at the centre, iWORCS powered by SmarterWX presents layer upon layer of capital works data as a common operating picture. 
Project managers access this information via an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface; observing the location, extent and proposed date of capital works projects – across an unlimited timeline.
Opportunities to collaborate, along with scheduling conflicts, are instantly identified and alerts are sent to the nominated project contacts.
Project owners are then able to connect directly, via the application’s messenger function, allowing for more efficient communications and ultimately more effective collaboration on the scheduling of roadworks. 

iWORCS will be delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform powered by SmarterWorks, with an annual subscription fee payable to SOCC.


Streets Opening Coordination Council in conjunction with Land and Property Information NSW (LPI) and Department of Premier and Cabinet trialled the Smarter Scheduling Platform, with iWORCS as an application from June 2015. There were 10 participating organisations who loaded data. Positive feedback was received and cost savings as well as community benefits were realised. Administrative changes to LPI caused the trial to end in September 2016.

SOCC put out an RFT for an iWORCS system in September 2016 and after evaluation awarded the tender to Esri in mid-December 2016.

SOCC and Esri held a kick-off workshop on Friday 16th December and work has been ongoing. 

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